About us

With operations in over 10 nations, we provide innovative services to the Energy, Utilities, Transportation and Manufacturing Industries.


TES INC Ltd are representatives for and master resellers of Innovative solutions in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Reputed for our excellence and client-focused approach, we are ISO 9001 and 14001 certified and headquartered in Aberdeen with offices in Dubai, Nigeria and the United States. TES Inc is strongly committed to providing cost-effective solutions to our clients.


We Touch The Whole World

We have consistently delivered excellence in Europe, Asia, Africa and North America; we are expanding to other regions too!

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Tec Inc - Vision


Our Vision is to be the foremost provider of Asset Management, Training, Procurement and Energy Consultancy services in the UK and globally.

The success of businesses depends on strategic partnerships with organizations that understand their needs. At TES Inc, we utilize all our resources in understanding our clients’ businesses, their individual needs and help them take advantage of all available opportunities providing affordable and reliable services.


Our overall Mission is to consistently provide excellent, exclusive cost-effective services to our clients.

We are of the firm belief that business solutions should provide excellent value while saving on cost, for continuous profitable operation. Thus, our mission is to provide solutions that are client-focused and exclusive, without compromising on budget and overall effectiveness.
Tec Inc - Mission

Our Commitments

TES Inc is committed to safe, responsible and excellent business operations hinged on our core values and based on uncompromising ethics, to give our clients value for their money through the provision of excellent and innovative integrated or standalone solutions.

  • We are deeply committed to supporting, empowering and developing people. Thus, our training program identifies skills competency gaps and provides an avenue to bridge the gap between where our clients are and where they should be professionally through focused training courses and programs.

  • We shall commit to carrying out lean, transparent processes and continuously review all our policies and business activities for continuous improvement
  • We also focus on creating a motivating, challenging and supporting work environment for our employees to thrive and maximize their potential through a combination of mentorship, training and on-the-job experiences.

  • We shall continuously strive to be proactive in the safety of our people and conservation of the environment by minimizing the environmental impact of our activities.
Tec Inc - Approach


We understand that the needs of clients differ.

Thus, our approach is to apply transparent client-focused, situational evaluations and assessment processes to provide strategic solutions to our clients with the aim of maximizing value. At TES Inc, we work closely with our clients and follow a systematic approach of initial consultation to fully understand the clients’ needs and budgetary requirements, then proceed to strategy development and implementation.



We do everything we say we will do, and when we say we will


We demonstrate excellence in everything we do and maintain the highest standards in quality and efficiency to meet and exceed our set goals


Our passion for change and creatively devising new methods to solve problems sets us miles ahead


At TES, we keep our word and observe the highest ethical standards in conducting all our operations


We are client-centric and constantly focused on deploying all our resources in ensuring that our clients’ needs, and expectations are exceeded