Energy Asset Data Management

Energy Asset Data Management

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Information is crucial in all phases of an asset’s life cycle: in the design phase, construction, maintenance and use, life extension and disposal. Each time new asset information is created, asset information is changed, and information is removed. Insight into this is crucial for the successful realization of a project, the transfer of project to the standing organization and the efficient and safe execution of operations and maintenance.

Too often a lot of time is wasted searching for the right information, maintenance is carried out without the right as-built information, or decisions are made on the basis of incomplete or even incorrect information. And changes to the configuration of the assets are processed too late or not in the asset information.

More and more organizations are opting for better configuration of their asset data management, so that all asset-related information is processed in an orderly manner throughout the entire lifecycle of an asset. This TES Asset Data Management training course introduces you to the world of collecting, capturing, sharing, managing and analyzing asset information and shows you how to maximize performance in all phases of the Asset Life Cycle through smart Asset Data Management.

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