Up to 100 years of combined experience in the delivery of value added services to the Energy industry

Tec Inc - AIM


Consistently delivering excellence in cutting edge AIM Services

TES INC has consistentlly delivered excellence in cutting edge AIM Services including manpower provision, conventional and non-conventional NDT methods, Inspections etc. Some of our projects and clients are:

  • Supply of manpower to an onshore producing field (OML 30) in Western Niger-Delta for Heritage Oil Limited.
  • Provision of fire detection / prevention and fire fighting services to Alaoji Power Plant for NDPHC.


Utilising vast knowledge, tools and experiences

TES Inc utilises vast knowledge, tools and experiences in developing relevant industry training courses from inception to delivery. Some of the training projects we have execusted include:

  • Data Security Training for NNPC HQ
  • Contract Management Training for Baker Hughes Nigeria Limited
  • Legal Training for the Legal Department of Etisalat Nigeria
Tec Inc - training
Tec Inc - procurement


Strategic Relationships & Dedication

TES Inc’s strategic relationship with OEMs and our dedication to provide value for money guides our procurement operations. Some of the procurement projects we have carried out include:

  • Procurement and supply of construction materials for SPDC Agbada 42
  • Procurement and supply of construction materials for SPDC Gbaran 22 & 24
  • Oil Spill equipment supply for SPDC
  • Procurement of contruction materials for SPDC OBG Well


Technical and Commercial Operations

TES Inc Consultancy scope covers both technical and commercial operations. Our consultancy projects, which are customised to client’s needs and preferences include:
  • Review and restructure of company’s contract management process and strategy for Seplat
  • Value for Money auditing of project, contracting strategies and business operations of OML 58, OML 58 upgrade, Obite-Ubeta-Rumuji (OUR), Northern Option Pipeline (NOPL) for NAPIMS
  • Contracts and Business Analysis for BP via Prosource UK
  • Commercial Audit of NNPC Equity Gas Sales Revenue accruing to the Federation Account from Total E&P Nigeria , from 1990 to date
Tec Inc - Consultancy