With operations in over 10 nations, we provide innovative services to the Energy, Utilities, Transportation and Manufacturing Industries.

Tec Inc - AIM


TES Inc is the leading provider of integrated Asset Integrity Management (AIM) solutions to the energy industry.

Our team is experienced in all areas of integrity management and provides tailored, cost-effective AIM solutions ensuring that the technical integrity of assets in our care are maintained throughout their life cycle, in line with regulatory requirements. We design, develop, optimize and implement Asset Integrity Management plans and schedules to effectively manage assets in order to derive optimal value and revenue from the asset without compromising the safety of personnel and environment.


Competency-based Specialist Trainings

TES Inc provides a wide range of competency-based specialist trainings in different areas of the oil and gas industry spanning technical and commercial disciplines. Our portfolio of training programs provides the required skills required for capability development and has been shown to have a direct positive impact on workforce performance and organizational efficiency.
Tec Inc - training
Tec Inc - procurement


TES Inc offers an extensive range of integrated, turnkey procurement and supply services.

We provide oilfield equipment, machinery, spares, tools, industrial electrical & electronic systems, drilling and production supplies, chemicals, manufacturing and operating consumables etc. to the Energy (Oil, Gas, Renewable and Mining), Transport, Manufacturing and Construction/Utilities Sectors.


Integrated Consultancy and Advisory Services

TES Inc provides integrated consultancy and advisory services in various technical and commercial capacities designed to solve oil, gas and energy business challenges. We offer consultancy services covering the life cycle of fields from conception and development to production with the aim of maximizing recovery and value from both green and brownfields. We leverage on the extensive technical and commercial experience of our consultants in the global energy industry. Our team of highly skilled experts carry out comprehensive studies and integrated reservoir management solutions, identifying the asset condition and proposing appropriate solutions to ensure optimal field development using innovative technologies and world-class tools.
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